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Just a quick look at the our clients will give a peek into the level of services we are providing . Even the most reputed companies of some mega shopping malls in kuala lumpur and selangor are handing over the marking job to us (most of the time together with our epoxy car park flooring or PU flooring jobs) because we are doing exceptional work in this field. Not only do we provide high quality results, we also complete it sooner than most other companies. Therefore, we are able to add a lot of value to our clients.

Any company is as good as its employees, technicians or the professionals. Thankfully, we have highly trained professionals who carry out the line marking tasks with utmost expertise. Our technicians go through the custom designed training programs and to makes use of the most recent technology. Our technicians go through the custom designed training programs and to makes use of the most recent technology. Our equipments are advanced and are insured so that they can carry out the projects with peace of mind. We can handle line marking jobs of all sizes. Whether it is the car parking space for one car parking space for one car or one thousand cars, we will take care of it all like the true experts. Once we receive the enquiries, we visit the site to give you the free quote.

Solara Construction offers a wide variety of floor coating in an array of colors, patterns, and even customized logo to fit each facility’s specific style.


The proven performance of medium duty, self-smoothing, seamless, antimicrobial, odourless solvent free polyurethane concrete flooring system with excellent chemical resistance and smooth matt coloured finish. Incorporates antimicrobial additive which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew. System benefits is odourless, non-tainting to food, easy to clean, high impact resistance and high chemical resistance.


  • Dry or moderate wet Processing zones
  • Food & beverage Production facilities
  • Dairy production
  • Warehouse & distribution centres
  • Foodstuff preparation
  • Dry production facilities
Deckshield ID
Deckshield ID
Product DescriptionLow VOC, solvent-free, flexible polyurethane traffic coating system for intermediate car parking levels.
  • Cosmetically enhances multi-storey car parks, making them brighter and safer to visit
  • Brightens up dull, dark, musty car parks and suspended floors
  • Hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant, suitable for regular vehicle traffic
  • Slip-resistant with a textured finish available to prevent slips and trips for car park users
  • 100% UV light stable
Model Specification


Deckshield ID




Dependant on specification

Products Included In This System
  • Primer: Bonding Agent
  • Sand Scatter: Quartz or Oxide
  • Basecoat: Finish
  • Finishing Coat: Top Code
  • Installation Service: Should be carried out by a fully trained and experienced contractor
Environmental ConsiderationThe finished system is assessed as non-hazardous to health, and the seamless surface reduces the need for repairs, maintenance, and cleaning.
Flowfresh MF (4mm)
Flowfresh MF (4mm)

A chemical resistant, polyurethane resin floor system containing polygiene, with a smooth matte brightly coloured finish.

Typically used in dry to semi-wet areas such as food or pharmaceutical packaging zones.

  • Antimicrobial: Contains Polygiene additive that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Chemical Resistant: Protects against attack from corrosive ingredients and cleaning agents.
  • Easy to Clean: Smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Model Specification

  • System: Flowfresh MF
  • Finish: Matte
  • Thickness: 4mm

Products Included In This System

  • Layer 1: Flowprimer / Flowfresh Primer
  • Layer 2: Flowfresh MF
  • Coving: Coving can form an integral part of the flooring system. It creates a sealed finish between the floor and wall joint.
Flowfresh HF (6 - 9mm)

Flowfresh HF (6 - 9mm)

Uses Ideal for wet processing zones such as food manufacturing, food preparation areas, and chemical processing plants.
  • Contains Polygiene, an antimicrobial additive based on silver ion technology
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean and sterilise anti-slip surface with minimal joints
  • Heat resistant to 120 C
  • Steam Cleanable
  • Non-Tainting, non-dusting
  • Good alternative to expensive acid resistant tiles
  • Low odour during application
  • Positive slip resistance

Model Specification

Product Flowfresh HF
Finish Matt
Thickness 6 – 9 mm
Products Included System
  • Primer: Flowprimer / Hydeaseal DPM
  • Finishing: Flowfresh HF
Life Expectancy 7 -10 years, dependant on thickness and subject to correct maintenance regime.


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