Environmental Health & Safety Report
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Manufactures seamless floor and wall solution, which are to be found in sensitive environments where hygiene is paramount such as operating theatres, food processing areas as well as the pharmaceutical and electronics industries. Systems can also be found in other types of industrial buildings and commercial environments such as retail centers, stadia, schools, airports and hotels.

The use of polymer resin as a surface coating:

  • Long service-life
  • Hygienic advantages
  • High wearing strength
  • Antistatic characteristics, ETC

Surfaces are installed by well-trained team. Who are familiar with products. This guarantees a high level of quality and ensures selection of a preferred functional and aesthetic can be made with complete confidence.

Our floor and wall solution are in principle seamless and have a high degree of strength. This mean that the surface is very easy to clean and if our cleaning recommendations are followed a good work environment can be retained with the minimum use of clean chemicals.

The Chemistry of Epoxy

Epoxy plastic belong to a group of substances called polymers. They are manufactured from two components: a base component consisting of epoxy resin and hardener component consisting of different types of amines.

In addition there are also various additives in the base component and hardener such as reactive thinners pigments fillers and other additives. These additives modify the epoxy to suite application in question. When the base and hardener are mixed there is a chemical reaction which forms a transverse structure : epoxy

The Chemistry of Polyurethane

Polyurethane plastics come in two types: single-component and two-component products. The single-component option contains an isocyanate that hardens when exposed to moisture in the air. On the other hand, the two-component option involves a mixture of a base component and a hardener, which is typically isocyanate. The base component is often a naturally modified vegetable oil.

In summary, single-component polyurethane plastics are moisture-hardening, while two-component polyurethane plastics require a mixture of a base component and a hardener. The base component for the latter option is usually a naturally modified vegetable oil.


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